Benefits of high-tech agriculture (AfricaFiles / The Globe and Mail)


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When Bill Gates pushes high-tech agriculture, who benefits?

Summary & Comment: This article says what many alternative sources say: “Big Ag, including the Monsantos of the world, would have you believe that GM foods, and all the chemicals and fertilizers that go with them, are the solution to world hunger. It’s an argument that should be challenged far more energetically than it is. Sadly, it looks like Gates, with all his crushing power, wealth and influence, is oiling this propaganda machine”. JK

Author: Eric Reguly
Date Written: 26 April 2012
Primary Category: Food and Land
Document Origin: Globe and mail
Secondary Category: Economic Justice
Source URL:


When Bill Gates speaks, the world tends to listen. The second-richest man on the planet is treated like a god when he opens   his mouth. He’s still chairman of Microsoft. The billions of dollars  of donations he…

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