A plant species for men and animals


Photo credit: Pixabay

Elephant in the spekboom bush at The Thailand elephant sanctuary

Elephant bush to combat desertification and hunger

by Willem VAN COTTHEM – Ghent University (Belgium)

In addition to a former posting on this blog:  AFRICA: Finding the food crops of the future


and a number of postings on the elephant bush or spekboom (Portulacaria afra Jacq.), I am dedicating a major part of this text and some photos to this remarkable plant species.

Climate change could make that classical staple foods can’t be grown anymore in the same climatic zones.  Hence, people would need to grow other crops. In your own country, which would be the food crops of the future? What kind of options for continued food security will you have?  Do we need scientists to do years of research work on climate models linked to agriculture and horticulture to determine which will be the crop…

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