Changes in grazing land management and implications on livestock production in West Shoa Zone


Harvesting hay in West shoa zone, Oromia (photo:ILRIAbule Ebro). Harvesting hay in West Shoa Zone, Oromia (photo:ILRIAbule Ebro).

Grazing land contributes about 67% of livestock feed resources in West Shoa Zone in Oromia, Ethiopia; making it an important resource that deserves attention. This blog story shares the perceptions of communities and experts about the vast wetland grazing areas in the highlands of Ejere and Ada-Berga districts of West Shoa Zone.

Before 2007-08, the system of wetland grazing management  in Ejere and Ada-Berga was communal although there was loose control by individuals on their grazing lands. Nowadays, however, private grazing land and hay preparation are more common in West Shoa Zone. ‘If a person is herding animals in June in one place, you will find them in the same place in September’ explains a community member in West Shoa Zone; showing the high level of private use of grazing lands and the disruption of the previous system that rotated grazing between wetland…

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