Combat hunger in the drylands by growing food in containers (Insana DEE / Lisa DIBBLE / Willem VAN COTTHEM)


My name is Willem VAN COTTHEM.  I am a honorary professor of botany of the University of Ghent (Belgium) and member of the Committee for Science and Technology (CST) of the UNCCD.  I am particularly interested in the desertification problem and in sustainable solutions for the problems of hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

Let me invite you to have a close look at Insana DEE’s photo (New Harmony, Utah, USA) : 

Spuds growing in bins in dry Utah (Photo Insana DEE)

Insana DEE gave us a remarkable plea for container gardening in the drylands :

I have really rocky soil (as you can see). So it’s hard to grow ground crops here. I don’t have irrigation water. Everything has to be watered with a hose and dribblers. So the container gardens worked best for me. They’re much easier to weed and maintain as well and it helps keep weeds…

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