Why should women and girls be at the centre of development?

“Education means opportunities beyond those at home, in the household, the family farm or village. Education helps secure a better income, health and a job, making people resilient to all sorts of shocks. But most importantly, education means empowerment, in particular for women and girls who are often still marginalized within their societies.”

One Billion Hungry: Can We Feed the World?

Katrin Glatzel, Policy & Research Officer, Agriculture for Impact

Trials are underway in parts of Britain to assess whether a later school start leads to higher GCSE grades.  As a result, thousands of teenagers are to get an extra hour in bed. University of Oxford researchers argue that teenagers start functioning properly two hours later than adults. While reading about these trials on the news, I remembered a documentary that I watched about a year ago – “On the way to school”.

girls © Pierre Holtz. UNICEF

The documentary, supported by UNICEF and Aide et Action, tells us the stories of four children in developing countries and the burden they take on to attend school. Jackson, 10 years old from Kenya, and his little sister make round trip journeys of 30km by foot to school every morning, waking up at sunrise to set out. Zahira, 12 years old from…

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Secretary-General’s opening remarks at press conference in Cairo

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Secretary-General’s opening remarks at press conference in Cairo


CAIRO, Egypt, October 13, 2014/African Press Organization (APO)/ — Cairo, 12 October 2014


Assalaam alaikum. Good afternoon.


Since I am leaving shortly for Israel and Palestine, I wanted to have this chance to share a few words about the Gaza reconstruction conference.


I would like to highlight three quick points.


First, today the international community clearly recognized the massive needs in Gaza – and is underscoring its commitment to act in a massive way.


Second, there was a universal understanding that Gaza cannot be rebuilt on a weak political foundation. That is why the United Nations will continue to support the Government of National Consensus. The recent unity government cabinet meeting in Gaza is a good sign of progress that must continue.


Third, and perhaps most importantly, as I said this morning, this must…

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