Is organic farming out of date?

Science on the Land

There’s evidence that organic methods can be very productive, as I’ll discuss in this blog when I get around to that. I grow food on an allotment here in Britain. There, like many modern allotmenteers, I use organic methods. I buy organic produce too, plus organic meat, eggs and dairy products.

But are organic methods out of date now that we share our world with genetically modified (GM, genetically engineered, GE) crops? Have people who oppose GM crops lost this war?

A recent legal challenge about GM ended in defeat for an organic farmer called Steve Marsh. Mr Marsh farms in Western Australia. He sued his neighbour, Michael Baxter, after GM seeds (almost certainly from from Mr Baxter’s land) ended up on Mr Marsh’s land. Under the Australian zero-tolerance policy for GM contamination in organic produce, Mr Marsh lost organic status from 75% of his land. So he…

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