From honey-making bees to fried termites: could insect science contribute to Africa’s food security?

Foundation for Young Farmers

Within the Luhya community in western Kenya, where I come from, termites are seen as a delicacy. Seasoned with a little salt these insects are quite enjoyable. A visit the local market and you won’t miss local women selling the fried insects when they are in season.

Different African communities enjoy various types of insects. In my neighboring country Uganda for instance, grasshoppers locally known as ‘nseneneare quite popular. It is not uncommon for local communities to turn this into a profitable business whenever they are in season. However there are many that loathe the practice.

It therefore came as no surprise to me that the question of insects for both human food and livestock feed sparked some controversy when it came up at the ongoing Africa Agriculture Science Week (AASW) in Accra, Ghana. This was during a side event organized by the International Centre of Insect…

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