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Starting aquaculture as an economic enterprise, like any other economic enterprise, should be taken seriously. One needs to acknowledge that it involves making a significant investment decision and requires serious commitment. This is always true when deciding on the feasibility of any economic investment.

Thorough prior planning is therefore a must before any investment is made. Planning involves a detailed evaluation of the biological, economic, and socio-legal feasibility of production. Remember that economic considerations are as important as biological considerations in aquaculture. Socio-legal issues are potentially capable of limiting or even making it completely impossible to undertake aquaculture production.

It is essential to ascertain that the business concept is sound. Ask whether:

  • There are adequate and profitable markets for proposed product(s)
  • You have a suitable site for the proposed production
  • You have enough resources to meet the projected targets
  • The financial projections are realistic, robust and consistent
  • You haveā€¦

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